The "PTYD" Popper
The "PTYD" Popper
The "PTYD" Popper
The "PTYD" Popper

The "PTYD" Popper

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If you follow our social media platforms, you'll know the Cast Tackle topwater baits are proven over many years in the field across all levels of skill sets.
Built for BIG Fish and available in 8 epic colours including the 2 amazing models in our popular LUMO RANGE!
They cast dead straight and are very easy to pop, you don't need to be a seasoned pro to get results on these lures but if you are the value for money is second to none!
Pop Til Ya Drop (PTYD) is here to stay! 
    • 210mm 150g Popper (48mm cup)
    • 195mm 125g Popper (44mm cup)
    • 145mm 60g Popper (38mm cup)
    • Handmade Timber Construction
    • 2.0mm Through Wire
    • NT POWER Belly Swivel 5/0 on 150g and 4/0 on 125g models
    • Outstanding Finish

    Recommended Decoy Hook Sizing

    60g - #6/7 Split Rings, 3/0 Decoy YS22 Trebles

    125g - #9H Split Rings, 5/0 Decoy YS23 Trebles

    150g - #11H Split Rings, 7/0 Decoy YS23 Trebles


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