DryTide X Cast Mag Co Waterproof Backpack (50L)
DryTide X Cast Mag Co Waterproof Backpack (50L)

DryTide X Cast Mag Co Waterproof Backpack (50L)

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DryTide waterproof backpack combines the usefulness, versatility and comfort of a regular backpacks with waterproof capabilities of dry bags. It offers protection beyond the regular “waterproof” tag which can today mean many different things. Backpack is made out of 100% waterproof material and things inside the DryTide waterproof backpack will not only stay dry during a quick rain shower but also in much heavier conditions like long and heavy torrential rainstorms, during various water sports like kayaking, rafting, boating, stand up paddling… they will even survive a fall into the water or even a shorter submersion where the backpack is put completely underwater. With all this, DryTide backpack is still a proper backpack with pockets to organize your things, with shoulder straps and padded back, and a hip belt to help you carry it around.


  • Heavy-duty and 100% waterproof material
  • High frequency welded seams, no stitches in all vital areas
  • Floats on water
  • Big 50l waterproof main compartment
  • Internal removable laptop pocket with mesh pocket for small items
  • Big back pocket with rainproof zipper
  • Smaller top pocket with rainproof zipper
  • Two side mesh pockets for water bottles
  • Two side straps for securing taller items to the side of the backpack
  • Elastic strap on the back pocket
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and back both padded with non water absorbing foam
  • Hip belt
  • Top handle
  • Bottom loop for drying the backpack
  • Backpack dimensions: 60 x 34 x 25cm
  • Suitable for your carry on backpack if you are traveling by plane
  • Enough room to pack everything you need for a few days
  • Keep all your gear safe from water and dust while looking good

Using Your DryTide Waterproof Backpack

Check the Backpack Before Use

DryTide backpack is made out of very sturdy material but still punctures can happen, so make sure that you check the backpack before using it in wet conditions.

Closing the Backpack

The main compartment uses the roll down closure. The following images demonstrate how to correctly close the backpack:

First make sure the backpack is not overfilled (a little bit above the top lid is a good measure) so you have enough material to roll down. Then align the top edges of the main compartment and squeeze them together.

Tightly roll down the top of the backpack at least 3 times, 4-5 times is recommended. Rolling the top tightly makes the seal better, still please check the end of these instructions for the roll down closure limitations.

There are two ways to secure the rolled top of the backpack. You can either buckle it to the side of the backpack...

...or you can simply buckle the ends together. Both ways are equally effective, if you put the ends together you can also use it as a handle, buckling the top to the sides of the backpack keeps the backpack slim. 

Here is also a quick video demonstration of how to close the waterproof backpack:

How to close the backpack main compartment.

When you close the backpack there will be air trapped inside. This makes the backpack float if you drop it into the water. If you want to make it smaller, release the air from the main compartment before you close it.

The top and the back pockets use special rainproof zippers. Make sure you close the zippers all the way.

Taking Care of the Backpack

As said the backpack is very sturdy, but still it is recommended that you avoid putting it on sharp objects, thorns, dragging it over sharp rocks etc... If your backpack gets dirty you can simply wash it with water and hang it up to dry. There is a loop at the bottom of the backpack for easier hanging. It is also recommended you wash it with fresh water if the backpack was used in salt water to wash away the salt.

Maximum Load

Backpack is designed take around 15kg/33lbs of gear. Overloading the backpack for longer periods of time can cause tears in the stitching.


Backpack is NOT a flotation device and should not be used as such.

DryTide X Cast Mag Co Waterproof Backpack (50L)
DryTide X Cast Mag Co Waterproof Backpack (50L)
DryTide X Cast Mag Co Waterproof Backpack (50L)
DryTide X Cast Mag Co Waterproof Backpack (50L)
DryTide X Cast Mag Co Waterproof Backpack (50L)