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Little clearance section for samples and some of the stickbaits that have our old logo on it!  Epic opportunity to get ya hands on super effective topwater lures with a proven track record at a fraction fo the normal retail price.  This section will not be available for long.  Once sold out, that's it.
Action: (Violent Dive with S Kick)
  • 255mm 150g Floating
  • 230mm 150g Sinking
  • 230mm 120g Floating
  • 200mm 120g Sinking
  • Handmade Timber Construction
  • 2.0 mm Through Wire 
  • NT POWER Belly Swivel
  • Outstanding Finish

Recommended Decoy Terminal Sizes 

120g Floating - #9 Split Ring, 5/0 Decoy YS23 Treble

120g Sinking - #9 Split Ring, 5/0 Decoy YS23 Treble

150g Floating -#11 Split Ring, 7/0 Decoy YS23 Treble

150g Sinking - #9 or #11 Split Ring, 6/0 Decoy YS23 Treble