About us


It's not about what's rad right now, 'cus that shit always fades...

Cast is a lifestyle driven by a love for fishing and epic adventures like nothing else.

We create high quality, digital content to inspire and motivate #thenewbreed of Aussie fishos, just like you, to get out there and get after it!  If you want to become a better fisherman, need someone to push you to the next level, or have something to bring to the table...you're in the right place.  

After all, we live in one of the most beautiful and diverse fisheries on the planet, and its begging to be explored!  Cast is about the good vibes and pushing eachother to the next level as we #fishforthefuture.  

We also use quality clothing blanks and support the local print industry for our apparel also collaborate on projects with like minded Brands.

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