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The monster slayer is BACK! Built thick and stocky with flatter sides for a more intense flash reflection off the silver foil and thicker tail wrist!
A tighter more erratic action than the "OG" with a staggeringly big topwater presence and an irresistible horizontal shimmy at rest for the sinking models!
The 40g and 60g models are deadly on the reef flats!  
  • 230mm 150g Floating - BACK IN STOCK
  • 200mm 150g Sinking (Currently not available)
  • 155mm 60g Floating (Currently not available)
  • 140mm 60g Sinking / 40g Floating (Currently not available)
  • 120mm 40g Sinking (Currently not available)
  • Handmade Timber Construction
  • 2.0 mm Through Wire (1.5mm on 60g and 40g models)
  • NT POWER Belly Swivel 
  • Outstanding Finish and components 

Recommended Decoy Terminal Sizes 

150g 7/0 & Monster Class 11H Splits

60g Float 4/0 Y-S22 7M Splits

60g Sink and 40g Float 3/0 Y-S22 7M or 5M Splits

40g Sink 2/0 Y-S22 5M Splits

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