We have been living out of these exact swags on our adventures for over 5 years and they have NEVER let us down. We only sell what we use and trust, its that simple.


Crashpad don’t take chances with quality. All our zips, textiles, poles, threads, clips, buckles, toggles and raw materials are trialled meticulously. The result is a product that does what it is meant to, and holds true to the sum of its parts.


Every Crashpad product must meet our ‘Camping and Adventure Gear Philosophy’, if it doesn’t then the product either gets scrapped, altered or tweaked until it does. So what is this philosophy?

Camping and adventure gear must be:

  • Functional: The product must not only do the job it was intended for but do it in such a way as to enhance your camping or adventure experience.
  • Affordable: We know how hard it is to earn a buck so we keep our prices down and rely on word of mouth to sell our gear.
  • Durable: It’s not enough for the product to just do its job, it must do it again and again. It’s what we call the “Crashpad value test”.
  • Simple to use: If you can’t set it up in the dark or without a text book of instructions it is too complex.