MAKO X CAST Signature Frame G0HR

MAKO X CAST Signature Frame G0HR

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We've been partnered with MAKO Eyewear for about 7 years now and we have recently developed our very own CAST Signature Frame under the MAKO range!

Already available in the ever popular and class leading lenses that we use on a daily basis on the water, we are as excited as we can be to share the G0HR with you all!

Slightly larger than the GT Frames, for less light infiltration from the sides and lightweight ergonomic design for ALL DAY COMFORT, these are the ones we made for us and can't wait to see you all getting amongst it!

More lense deets…


G0HR is a much darker, glass grey lens with a high-definition filter, infra-red filter, and no mirror.

The G1HR6 lens is most suited to sensitive eyes due to the darker tint when compared to the G2H5 or G1HR6 and those who like to wear glasses in social settings or everyday use, that don't carry the mirror finish that is so valuable on the water.  The infra-red filter cuts heat transfer through the glass for the ultimate all day comfort.


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